Vibration and the Law of Attraction

Anyone who has seen “The Secret” or “What the Bleep Do We Know” is somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction. The idea that we create what we spend time thinking about or believing is not really new. One of my favorite statements in the New Testament came from Jesus when he said: “It is done unto you as you believe.”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about vibration as a kind-of magnet that literally pulls to us those things on which we focus women vibrator . I remember talking with a client recently who gave me this great metaphor for how we attract things to ourselves. And I promised him I would share it…

Most kids learn about electromagnetism by making a simple electro-magnet. If you take an iron nail and wrap it with copper wire, then attach the wire to the leads of a battery, you’ll create an electro-magnet. I remember the delight I felt as a child when I learned that I could do this. I made my magnet and then went around picking up various metal objects. When I wanted to pick up a paper clip, I attached the copper wire to the battery and grabbed the clip. When I wanted to drop the clip, I disconnected the wire and the clip would fall off the nail.

Here’s the thing I find really interesting about this metaphor: Our thoughts are literally electromagnetic fields. And we are broadcasting all the time. Just like an electromagnet, we pull things, experiences, relationships, prosperity, health, (or the opposite of these) towards us through our resonant field.

Fortunately, unlike the electromagnet, we rarely attract instantaneously. There seems to be a lag-time when it comes to thoughts and belief patterns. This gives us more leeway to adjust our vibration so we don’t attract every single thing that crosses our mind (thank goodness!). But, over time those habitual patterns or “Vibrational Habits” eventually pull those experiences towards us. The more powerful the magnet, the faster the experience shows up.

When you accept the fact that everything vibrates at different frequencies, this business of acquiring money, or anything else your heart desires, becomes so simple.

The first thing to do is to pounce on any negative thoughts like a cat pounces on a mouse. This is the reason why so many people remain poor, or at least live paycheck to paycheck.

Even if given the chance to learn the Laws of Vibration and Attraction, they’d simply consider it all so much claptrap. This is because they’re limiting themselves to their five senses. They can’t smell the Laws, neither can they feel them, taste them, hear them, nor touch them. Therefore, they don’t exist. They can’t exist. Period.

Then they go home, climb onto their roof to repair a few shingles and promptly fall off. They can’t see gravity either, but they can certainly experience it. They can experience the Laws of Vibration and Attraction, too, if they give themselves a chance.

One big problem, I think, is that we all tend to put different people into different slots. The very wealthy go into one slot, the very poor into another, and the ones in between lord it over the very poor, but bow and scrape before the wealthy. This is over-simplifying a great deal, but it could be seen in England especially in centuries past when the class system was prevalent.

A chap who’s father was in the House of Lords, and he himself attended Eton College, wouldn’t even think of speaking to a trades person. A trades person, in turn, wouldn’t dream of approaching a member of the aristocracy for a chat. Therefore, the trades person wouldn’t dream of becoming rich. To his mind, it would be very wrong and indeed, ‘out of station.’

But of course all this is absolute nonsense. Everyone deserves to be rich, but all of us who live what I’ll call ‘normal’ lives, in other words we aren’t necessarily poor, but we certainly can’t be called rich, still have this feeling in the backs of our minds that somehow it’s wrong for us to be in a state great wealth. Wrong, perhaps immoral, even sinful. This is a totally wrong headed state of mind.

True, money can be used for evil purposes, but much more often than not, it’s used to create jobs, to give to charities, to generally help others. If you’re rich, think of the buying power you have. That in itself creates employment, even if you yourself don’t have a company that employs people.

You see men and women going in and out of top hotels and restaurants. Instead of being jealous of them, or resenting their ability to use these establishments, you should instead be happy for them, and thinking to yourself that you, too, could be where they are. After all, they’re human beings, just like you and I. No difference – except in their thinking.

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