Benefits of Hosting Your Own Lingerie Adult Party

If you are thinking about hosting your own lingerie adult party, you should. There are many different benefits you should consider which include shopping dollars, a free hostess gift, and special deals for all subsequent bookings.


When you have your own adult party you can receive special benefits. The consultant will surprise you with a special hostess gift valued over $80 if your party generates $400 or more in sales. They always treat the host to something special. The surprise is fun but you can be sure at your lingerie adult party it will be something super special that you can surprise him with later. If you decide you do not like the gift you can still pass it later to a friend of yours on their birthday or some other occasion. In most cases, you will absolutely love the gift.

Host a lingerie adult party and receive the full benefits

Another benefit you can enjoy is 10% of sales in shopping dollars. In other words, if your friends purchase lingerie to the value of $500, you will automatically receive $50 of shopping dollars towards your purchases. The more your fiends purchase, the more shopping dollars you have to spend.

Your fiends can also benefit on the evening. The consultant will surprise your girlfriends with a special free gift of their own just for booking their next lingerie party. In the event you or your friends may be slightly embarrassed to purchase on the evening, the consultant can also arrange for you and your friends to purchase discreetly directly from them at a latter date.

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