What NOT to Do to Keep Your Home Based Business a Success

Once people start a Home Based Business, they are incorrectly trained to go out, make a list of friends and family and call them constantly about joining the business. They are also taught to always be looking for an opportunity to bring up the business opportunity in conversations. Even if they are standing in line at the grocery store, find a way to start talking to the person behind you and look for a way to bring up the business. This outdated method is still taught today, and you will see tons of information telling you it’s an outdated method, but no one really explains why. Well don’t fret, I’m here to explain why.

The reason it doesn’t work is because people are so inundated with advertising and sales pitches today, that we shut people or advertisements down in the blink of an eye these days. It’s almost like it’s human instinct now businessmantalk.com . I mean think about it for a second. How often do you fast forward through commercials on TV now that we have the ability to do so? How fast did you sign up for the do-not-call list as soon as it came out? We as a society hate being sold to. Even if it is something we might need, the minute someone tries to “sell” us something we most likely shut down and block them out. When you drive do you even notice the billboards anymore, or are they just a part of the landscape that doesn’t even enter your mind?

So if it doesn’t work why are you taught this way? Well, it’s a really simple answer. Because it’s the easiest thing to teach and it’s easy to teach it to others. Home Based Businesses leaders teach this to their marketers because, quite frankly, they don’t know how to teach any other way. They give you a script, tell you to make a list of people you know, and give you a shot in the arm with an enthusiastic “Go get’em partner!”, and they hope that the numbers will work in your favor (here is a little secret, that rarely turns out well for the new marketer). And, when they are not getting any results, they tell the new marketer to try harder. Yeah, that’s helpful, try harder, keep calling the people that won’t even pick up the phone anymore when they see your number on caller ID, there is a good plan.

They think it’s to difficult to teach new people a different way, a better way of marketing their opportunity. So they give you some watered down, out of date system that will leave you frustrated and broke. Well there is a better way, there is a more effective way, and I will talk more about that in the next section.

#1: Lose the job description and think amalgamated business model. Every person in America, who holds a job, knows they do more than is in their job description. Job descriptions isolate groups of workers and fail to allow for effective communication flow. Whether you’re working with new hires or existing employees, the process of shifting from a job description business model to one that more closely resembles an amalgamated model leans on communication.

#2: Produce an organizational audit. Audits take on many different forms. However, they don’t have to be complex or lengthy. Simple employee surveys, for example, can provide necessary black and white commentary about a litany of issues including: workforce morale, teamwork, worker perceptions of the company, worker understanding of their own job responsibilities as well as workforce strategy and business strategy.

#3: Emphasize the organizational culture within the school and the classroom. Organizations with a lengthy business history often mistake reputation for culture. Colleges and Universities are certainly no exception. A business school with a great reputation for graduating innovative business leaders may not have a great internal culture that incubates good communication flow, worker understanding of the greater mission, etc. This reinforces the need to perform some type of audit (see #2). The future of organizations lies in the ability not only to innovate, but for decision makers to understand the worksite culture and to over communicate the business strategy to its workforce. To be certain that each individual worker understands the affect their responsibilities have on the success of the company. The time to chart a better course is now. For if not now, when?

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