Designer Jewellery Is a Top Teacher Present

Designer jewellery is the gift of choice for parents trying to tempt teachers into treating their children better.

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It seems that a box of chocolates and a bottle of port is no longer the way to woo a teacher into affording your child more attention as the average parent spends $50 on the end of winter term present for their kid’s educator, according to a new study.

Research by Debenhams revealed that many parents are spending in excess of £100 and some are even paying up to £300 on presents for teachers in schools where they have more than one child.

Designer jewellery was among the most popular presents alongside expensive clothing buy gold in dubai , perfumes and champagne while one lucky teacher was offered the free use of a Spanish villa and another received $1,000 worth of gift vouchers.

Debenhams’ Carie Barkhuizen told the Daily Mail that parents were prepared to go to great lengths to protect the educational future of their children in an increasingly competitive area.

She said: “When it comes to getting teachers on side, money is no object for ambitious parents. The cost of an expensive piece of jewellery or cashmere clothes is paltry if it helps them avoid private school fees which can be up to $35,000 a year.”

Those hoping that designer jewellery will help their offspring get into their first choice school have been advised to think again as such presents are unlikely to sway decision making.

Dr Mary Bousted, from teachers’ union ATL, told the Daily Mail that lavish presents such as designer jewellery are not appropriate for teachers and teaching assistants over the festive period.

She said: “Although teachers and assistants like to be appreciated, they definitely don’t expect gifts or want families to feel under pressure to get them gifts. Lavish gifts are now becoming the norm, not the exception. We hope this stops.”

Meanwhile, one present that might go down well with women this Christmas is Britain’s most expensive bra which has been decorated with 32 brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Lingerie brand Ultimo has joined forces with designer jewellery firm Lime Blue to create the $800,000 bra that has the precious stones fixed to the back strap, which means it is visible when worn with a backless top.

A replica bra set with diamante substitute stones is retailing for a fraction of the price but Lime Blue founder Grant McIntyre is hoping that at least a couple of men will treat someone to the real deal for a Christmas gift.

Looking to ‘woo’ your woman and romance her this Valentine’s day? Take her somewhere special and give her a special gift that she will treasure for the rest of her life. Valentine’s jewellery will certainly make her eyes sparkle with delight, as you romance her with your home cooking. Here’s a few ideas for Valentine’s jewellery…

Besides roses and chocolates, the heart is a favourite tradition on Valentine’s day. It symbolizes love, connection and life, making it an important symbol for Valentine’s day. Thus heart jewellery is a perfect gift for the one of the most romantic days of the year, and when added with a diamond, you have a beautiful gift that symbolizes love, purity and eternity. You can find hearts on different types of jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings, charms and bracelets, usually in silver, white-gold or sterling silver. Pink quartz is also a favourite gemstone used with heart jewellery due to its association with love.

Diamonds are also a traditional gift of love. Their clarity gives them a sense of purity, whilst their strength suggests eternity, making them a perfect gift to say ‘I love you’ with. You can buy diamond jewellery in a variety of metals and jewellery types. So for Valentine’s day, why not save up for a pair of diamond earrings, a necklace or bracelet? Or if you want jewellery that is a bit fierier, opt for the passionate ruby to make sparks fly on Valentine’s day. If diamonds are out of your budget, opt for jewellery with red and pink gemstones, such as garnet and rose quartz.

You can also for gifts that are a bit more personal, such as a charm bracelet. Why not buy her a charm bracelet with a cluster of personally chosen charms and add to them each year on Valentine’s day?! Buy heart charms with reds and pinks to exude a romantic look. Charms make an awfully romantic gift that show to your loved one that you really thought about what to give her.

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