TENS Machine – A Wonder Machine

Though, some people do not agree, but TENS Machine or the Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation machine is a wonder machine in the pain management therapy bipap machine . It provides unprecedented relief to people suffering from pain in certain parts of the body like muscles, joints and nerves. Though, post operation use of this machine in pain management has also borne fruitful results in some cases.

The TENS is a very simple machine that a person can carry in his pocket to his office. It involves a battery operated stimulator unit along with two or more electrode pads. When one needs to use the machine, he just has to connect the electrode pads to the skin, and as the machine is preset for the level of electric pulse to be induced into the body through the skin, the person just requires starting the machine and can feel the relief in a few minutes time.

Though most of the home machines, meant for the self-use by the patients come with preset levels, the professional machines used by doctors have the option to adjust the levels of electric pulses, its breath and frequency according to the suitability of the patient.

The TENS therapy uses very low current pulses to stimulate the nerves, which intercept the pain message before it reaches the brain and temporarily block the pain gate. The patient starts to relax and feels as if there was no pain at all.

The best part of this therapy is that it carries no side effects, which is a regular feature in all kinds of medication and is FDA approved. The therapy is particularly helpful for people suffering from back pains, muscle or nerve pains. There is however, a certain category of people that should not use this therapy for pain relief like heart patients and people with chest pains etc.

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