My Daughter is Very Anxious About Writing Exams in School – How Can I Help?

Exam anxiety is not simply due to doing poorly on exams as one would expect. Even students with very high marks can and do experience high anxiety. Beneath the experience of exam anxiety is the fear of performance evaluation. The students who typically do well and those who generally don’t do well, can still suffer from the same underlying fear; not knowing how they will perform CISM exam .

It is this not knowing, the underlying uncertainty of the outcome that can be one cause of exam anxiety. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, this anxiety can become highly associated with taking exams and will continue to plague your child, creating havoc with their academic confidence and therefore, their ability to perform well under academic pressure.

If your daughter’s problem is associated with the uncertainly of her performance on an exam, then the real solution would be for her to know with some degree of certainty how she will do.

The only real way to get an estimate of how she will do on any exam is to practice responding to the information BEFORE she gets anywhere near an exam. While your daughter cannot know exactly what the exam questions will be, she can definitely get a very good idea about the extent of the information.

Therefore the idea is not to determine the exact questions, but to know for certain, the information that is ‘fair game’. One mistake students consistently make is trying to guess what is going to be on an exam. That is far too narrow of an approach to take. An exam only looks at a very small portion of what has been taught. It is a small sample, drawn from a much larger pool of information. Otherwise, exams would have to be as long as the entire course.

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