Why Many Women Love to Have Real-Looking Baby Dolls

Who said only little girls love to play with dolls? Nowadays, more and more women are obsessed with collecting real-looking baby dolls. But you cannot blame them anyway. These little dolls are definitely cute and adorable ラブドール . If you would not take a closer look, you would definitely think that these women are holding real newborn babies and not just baby dolls.

These dolls come in various sizes and designs that one can choose from. They come along with different baby accessories that can be very stylish. These baby dolls really look like real babies that they would even cry. Their hair and lashes even look like the real ones. Truly, having one of these dolls would make you feel like a mother.

Some women would collect these dolls in order to preserve their little baby’s baby clothes and accessories. Especially when their babies are already grown up, they would dress up their dolls with their children’s baby’s clothes. Through this, they will always remember how cute and cuddly their kids were when they were still infants.

For other women, especially those who are not blessed with children, having these dolls is one great way of dealing with their depression. Taking care of dolls would make them feel like real moms. Instead of feeling lonely, they would rather prefer spending their time in playing with their dolls, by dressing them up with real infant clothes and accessories. Having these dolls with them and treating them as their real babies will definitely make them feel complete.

For mothers who have lost their children, these dolls are also helpful while they are grieving. It surely is not easy to deal with this tragedy and having these baby dolls is one way of helping them overcome their grief. They tend to forget their loss when they have the baby dolls in their arms. The memories of their babies come to reality whenever they have it with them. They would dress them up with their children’s clothes to make them feel that they are always with them.

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