How to Write an Explanatory Essay. Using a Point of View Effectively

History is always written and edited by the victor. But, there are many perspectives on any topic, event, or issue, depending on your angle. It is difficult to influence an ideology or way in thinking. It is difficult to convince someone of a certain ideology or way of thinking. The best thing one can do is present an argument using logic, statistics and evidence to prove their point. This is what an explanatory article is all about.

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What is an explanatory essay?

An explanatory article is a type or writing where the author offers a viewpoint on a particular topic, event, situation, etc. Although the author may not agree with every aspect of this view, it must be supported by research and logic.

Explanatory essays present other people’s perspectives or report on a particular event or situation. These are very common in journalism or history majors. Students explore real facts and situations and give unbiased explanations based upon evidence and facts.

You will typically decide on a topic before you start writing. Then you will approach the subject from a certain angle. This angle can be complicated and open to discussion. This is the time to present a view of your choosing that adequately explains how a certain outcome was reached.

Many writers make the error of thinking they are defending or criticizing one side of an argument in a debate.

Explanatory writing is not about giving a neutral viewpoint on a topic. Instead, it’s about providing analysis and self-theory from research. The goal of explanatory writing is to clear up confusion and give a clear explanation for why things happened as they did. Even if the essay is not agreed upon, the reader should understand your ideas.

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