Project Management for Children

Project management is not the exclusive domain of certified professionals. Everyday, in fact, children are actively involved in these tasks. Many times they are not implementing the whole set of phases and tasks PMP certification . Instead, they usually implement a simple subset of tasks. This is true of school assignments, fun construction activities and other childhood pursuits.

Simple project management techniques often work very well for children. Their projects tend to be relatively small when measured in staff resources, cost and schedule. There is often little risk associated with these. For example, schedules can often be extended with little effect. This is obviously true of a personal jobs such as a tree fort construction.

Children learn quickly that scope has a very significant bearing on their success. They may initially include an expanded scope and even add items making the project extremely complex. As they realize that the scope is beyond their ability to complete, they learn to scale it back. This is an axiom of simplicity.

Children can be taught to implement better projects. Parents, teachers and siblings can often do so in an informal way. Instruction in the ideas of simple project management may be very useful to children. Parents and teachers can easily incorporate these concepts into lessons.

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