Battlefield 3 Guide – 3 BF3 Strategy Guide Tips That Will Put You On Top

With the recent launch and popularity of the video game Battlefield 3, it has led a lot of us to wonder if there are any strategy guides that we can use in order to boost our kill/death ratios and become elite BF3 players. A quick search online turns up quite a few sites offering Battlefield 3 guides, most of them discuss strategies and secrets which are relatively unknown and offer jam-packed strategy guides full of tips hints and secrets for Battlefield 3. However, some of them are a waste of time and it can be hard to tell which sites are reliable, worth the time and effort, and provide quality hints, tips and secrets.

A good Battlefield 3 strategy guide will offer both known and unknown secrets and tips. Who wants to get a mastery guide that offers the same hints as all of the Myenvoyair login other guides out there. Everyone will already know these secrets making them virtually useless unless you get the guide as soon as it’s launched. Fresh tips and secrets are the best weapons to have in your Battlefield 3 arsenal, and in turn will make you the envy of all the other players who are dying each time you pull the trigger.

Generally, you’ll find that there are three different types of sites on the internet offering BF3 guides. Some even try to charge a price per hint/secret downloaded! That is quite laughable, and to put it quite frankly a waste. Some other sites offer you guides that at the time of their release were pretty good, however, the information becomes quickly outdated as everyone figures out the secrets leaving you back at square one. The third type of Battlefield 3 guide is the one that is constantly being updated, you will always have the latest and greatest secrets, cheats, hints and tips as they become available. This is the type of guide you should be looking for, obviously. If you have the latest cheats and secrets, then you will be at the top of the scoreboard after every round.

These guides will work on any console gaming system such as PS3, or Xbox 360 as well as the PC. The game is the same on all systems so there are no specific guides out there for your specific system. As I said above though, be sure you get a strategy guide that is recommended by a reliable source, or you will probably just be wasting time and money, with absolutely nothing to show for it. You still won’t be at the top of the scoreboard, and you will be wondering why. The reason is simple, get a guide that is constantly updated and is recommended by the top BF3 players.

I have reviewed almost every guide there is for Battlefield 3, and I am consistently at the top of the scoreboard. I get messages constantly asking me if I am using some sort of aimbot or hack, and I laugh to myself every time people ask me. I don’t have any hacks or aimbots or whatever, I just have access to the best strategy guides out there.

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