Top Tips For Marketing Over the Holidays

Nothing drives sales and business relationships like a personal connection and there is no better time to make that personal connection than the holiday season December Global Holidays . No matter what you do, reaching out to your customer and prospect base over the holidays is important to your business since it builds long term relationships which lead to customers that buy from you and keep coming back all year long.

Perhaps the most important way to network during the holiday season is to send a customized and personal holiday card to each and every one of your prospects and customers. Standard cards purchased at the local drug store will not make the impact you need to make that personal connection. Instead, consider holiday cards that are customized, include your logo, company name and even your photo on the front of the card.

Write something personal on the inside as well instead of just happy holidays or best wishes. Stories about your family, or a funny yet tasteful quote, help you to make a personal connection with your customers and prospects over the holiday season. Match the look and feel to other printed holiday products such as return address labels, gift tags, gift stickers, holiday brochures, and thank you notesto carry the theme through every aspect of your holiday business.

Another option to consider is the charity holiday card-a card that offers a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the card to a specific charity. Holidays are a season of giving and current and future customers like to see that you support appropriate charitable organizations. Locate an organization that is close to your heart or consider one that your customers will appreciate. Regardless of the choice, a charitable contribution is always appreciated over the holidays.

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