The Many Advantages of Using Google Desktop

Google desktop can be personalized to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. With news, a calendar, messenger capabilities, and other fun attributes, Google desktop is essential for anyone who spends lots of time on their computer. The messenger function can be used to chat with friends and family if they are also on the computer. This makes staying in touch much easier and more fun with icons and funny faces that can be added to the instant messenger box. There is access to various chat rooms where people meet to talk.

The desktop can also be used to send e-mail, view photos, open files from one’s computer, and keep an eye on the latest auction action on e-bay Sherry Dyson . There is also a dictionary and road map section. Plan a vacation using the map for directions. It is easy on the Google desktop. Everything one needs is just a click away. Find hotel, flight, and rental car information easily and quickly.

There is even a Google desktop blog that one can read and contribute to if a person has something to say. This blog is free to view and is very popular with people who enjoy reading other people’s opinions. This blog has links to other blogs. Another feature of the Google desktop is easy access to one’s e-mail. This is another way to communicate with people. Whether blogging, sending e-mail, answering an instant message, or chatting online, there are endless ways to stay in touch with friends and meet new people.

Setting up a Google desktop is a great way to organize one’s computer. With the calendar option, a person can write down upcoming events and never miss a meeting. There are also personal ‘panels’ one can create to include anything they wish to put on the computer. This is a good way to keep important items together.

Managing the Google desktop is easy. Follow the simple directions on how to set-up the page and revise as necessary. Add new photos or people to friend lists, add favorite links to web sites, or add favorite auction items from e-bay. Set up alerts when auctions are closed to find out if the item one has bid on has won.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a simple format that can be used either to receive updated content or to send content from one’s website or web log (commonly referred to as “blog”). Its simple to use and various free resources are available on the net. Simply put, RSS is just like newspapers receiving content from news agencies like AP, Reuters, UNI etc. If you have an RSS feed on your webpage, you continue to get latest content provided it is updated by the provider or source.

To use RSS feeds, you must use a feed reader or “aggregator”. One free and easy to use resource is provided by: . The following steps have to be followed:

1. Select the RSS feed you wish to place on your webpage. For this simply type “RSS [subject]” in any search box like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. In place of “[subject]” write the name of the topic. Let us say, you typed “rss news”. Then the search engine will display results for this keyword phrase. Select any result and look for the “red” button with the words “RSS” or “xml”. Click on any red button of your choice. A page in “xml” script will open up. Do not bother about the page – simply copy the “url” in the browser window. That is the RSS feed.

2. The RSS feed has to be “read”. Go to or any feed reader of your choice and paste it at the appropriate place. Select the options about font etc. or choose default settings. The feed reader gives you the JavaScript code.

3. Copy and paste the JavaScript code at any appropriate place on your website or blog using the edit menu.

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