What Do Worms Eat?

Worms are an important part of any ecosystem. From fertilizing garden soil to recycling organic scraps, worms help make our planet a better place for everyone. Many people assume that all worms eat only “worms food”, but many also don’t realize that certain foods can be dangerous to your worms. With https://bensupstairs.com/ proper care, you can be sure that you’re feeding your worms only safe, nutritious foods that will enhance their lifespan and keep them happy.

When feeding your worms, it’s important to know what they should and shouldn’t eat. Some foods are ideal to include in a worm bin, while other foods are more appropriate for a human or pet. While there are no unhygienic foods that worms won’t eat entirely, some are simply unhygienic and not appropriate to feed to your worms.

Coffee grounds are an acid that attracts rodents. Worms in a moist environment prefer coffee because it contains a high acid content, making it a good medium for them. However, it is a poor choice for growing your own as it is too acidic for worm nutrition. Wheat products, fruit, and other grains are better choices for your worm bin as they naturally contain less acid.

Milk and yogurt are both acid-producing foods that can harm your worms. It’s best to put these products in the worm bin along with all other organic waste. However, if you want to feed your worms a safe alternative, consider putting a slice of lemon inside a jar of milk. The acid in the milk will neutralize the acid in the sour cream making it acceptable for consumption by the worms. Adding a sliced apple or banana (peeled) also works well.

Many gardeners are surprised to learn that what do worms eat can actually make the difference between healthy plants and healthy soil. A lot of people unknowingly water down their soil with excessive amounts of water or nutrients. This can make it too acidic for earthworms to live in. Earthworms need much water or else they will drown. Adding compost to the soil also helps as this natural fertilizer makes it much more acidic and can help balance the soil.

If you are having any sort of problem with what do worms eat, it’s always best to consult your local worm farmer for an expert advice. They will be able to give you the best solution possible to solve your problem. So, the next time you’re wondering what do worms eat, just ask your friendly worm farmer. They will gladly provide you with the answer you’ve been searching for!

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