My Day of Fishing With My Daughter

The first thing we had to do was get the proper equipment which included a fishing pole, a tackle box and worms. She was a little grossed out by the worms but she knew that is what we needed to land the big fish. So we went to our local W**mart and got what we needed and headed out to the lake. This was our first time fishing together and my 6 year old was super excited. When we arrived at the lake we realized that we were in a fishing derby. There were kids and parents all over the place. We found the spot on the dock part way out into the lake and my first task was to show her how to bait the hook.

We took one of the worms and stuck it on the hook and my daughter said “ewwwww” when the brown stuff oozed out What Does Gamey Taste Like? Does Gamey Taste Good . Why would a fish want to eat that? I said if it’s hungry it will eat just about anything.

Once we had the work securely on the hook, it was time to teach her to cast. I showed her how to hold the pole, put her thumb on the reel, draw the pole back and then fling the line forward. Her first cast wasn’t that great but it did land in the water. I told her, “let’s reel it up” and “give it another try” because I didn’t think that fish would be this close.

We reeled it up and again she cast the line and this time it went a lot farther and a lot straighter. She said “daddy I’m getting the hang of it”. I told her that you have to be patient when you fish, once you cast you have to sit there and watch the bobber to see if you get any nibbles or bites. After about 30 seconds, she said “dad can I cast again”? I said, sweetie we have to wait for the fish to come near the worm but then I said sure, its good practice so let’s try again. I let her reel it up by herself, checked to see if the worm was still on there and let her cast all by herself. She did great! It was a beautiful cast, landed in a perfect spot and after waiting about 3 minutes she got a nibble. Then, she got a bite. I told her to “pull back on the reel, or jerk the rod and then when the bobber stayed under the water she knew that she caught a fish. I told her to reel it in and she did, all by herself. When she pulled it out it was a catfish. My baby had caught her first fish. She was so excited and I was so proud.

Is it irritating to have a stomachache because of those intestinal parasites that resides in your intestine? Well, it indeed very disappointing to have those parasites inside your stomach because aside from the facts that it distracts your metabolism it also makes you weak and sickly. But what are intestinal parasites? Do you have any idea about it?

Intestinal parasites are normally caused by the protozoa or the helminthes. These are the two common types of parasites in your intestine. These protozoa are single-celled that can able to develop and multiple inside your body. And the helminthes which is the Greek word for worm. This also can multiply in the body and the most common type of this is the round worms and the tapeworms.

The symptom of these intestinal parasites includes diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, gas or bloating, weakness and fatigue, weight loss and worms in your stool. But this can be treated if you give time to end up with your suffering. There are actually natural remedies for worms or intestinal parasites. So, if you think that you have it, it is very vital that you visit the nearest health care in your area and have a diagnosis. This will help you find out what kind of organism cause you this.

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