Simple Solutions to Generate Fresh Content For Your Blog

If there is one common issue that people in the blogosphere constantly struggle with, it would be generating fresh content. That’s not exactly breaking news, right? If you are a blogger like me, then you have definitely dealt with this issue at some point. Luckily in this article, I intend to share with you how I have successfully handled this problem for my blog.

For starters, I’m going to suggest the obvious first step: brainstorm! That’s right, take the time to focus on new and interesting topics for your blog HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . Regardless of your niche, allowing yourself an opportunity to jot down different ideas can definitely be a huge help. Don’t worry about coming up with a million dollar idea. Just take the time to focus on generating new ones. After while, you will find material that you can work with. And naturally, you don’t have to use every idea – just the good ones. This simple method always leads to tangible results.

Next, I suggest that you keep yourself a file of post titles. Trust me, this simple little idea is golden! Here’s how I do it; I take the ideas that I generated from my brainstorming sessions and I plug them into a notepad file in numerical order. Every now and then when I come up with a new idea, I make sure to add it to the file and save it immediately ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . This way I won’t forget my ideas. And I keep a file on my smartphone too. That way when I’m out and about, if I think of something, I can jot it down. Later on I just add my phone list to my main list. That’s it. Simple, yet effective.

Here’s another good idea, especially for the SEO types: cull a list of low hanging fruit phrases from Google’s keyword tool. For those unfamiliar with SEO (and believe me, I’m no expert), “low hanging fruit” keywords are simply terms that get a light search volume. We’re talking 200 searches or less a month types of keywords.

What you do is head over to Google’s keyword tool – all you need to do is put “keyword tool” in the search box and it’ll come right up. Once there, put in a term or phrase for content that you want to blog about and see what similar phrases get searched. On the list of results, look for the phrases that show less than 200 results and use those as blog topics! The benefits to doing this is that 1) you have another fresh idea, and 2) you can easily show up in the search results for that term. Pretty good, huh?

Several years ago when I first wanted my own blog I first started with Googles Blogger. I figured that since it would be hosted on Google that it would be noticed faster than using another service. After about 6 months I noticed this was not getting noticed like I had wanted so then I hosted it on my own server and started modifying the theme. Being color blind a lot of visitors would tell me how awful the color scheme I had chosen was and there were not any themes I could install and use.

My next blog was using one of the earlier releases of WordPress. I liked that there were a few themes available and when they were installed they gave you several options regarding a color scheme and the colors all looked good together which was entirely different from what Googles Blogger offered. The only thing I did not like about WordPress was that it could only ever be a blog and just blog.

That’s about the time I started looking at other options and the hosting company that I was using offered this item in Cpanel called Fantastico which would take an Opensource solution and install it and set up everything I would need in a MySQL database without me having to manually configure and install everything.

I looked at several of the blog software that fantastic offered and finally after weighing all the pros and cons of each one I decided to use Drupal. With Drupal I could use a shopping cart which at the time WordPress did not offer plus I could have authors from all around the world collaborate on a book. I could also make use of video, flash, and several other technologies plus there were a lot of modules or plugins as WordPress refers to them as and there were many free themes available.

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