A Guide to Responsible Blogging

“In terms of why people blog, well, my belief is that it’s to have a voice, however small. To think that just like the people who write those fancy opinion columns for The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, you too can share your thoughts, vent, and complain to the public at large quitewish.com . Having said that, there are lots of really smart bloggers who have interesting perspectives on the news, politics, sports, business, etc., people who wouldn’t otherwise be heard in mainstream media.”

This is my favourite description of blogging and I strongly believe it. It is simple and it is exactly as a blog should be.

When blogging first became popular it was brilliant. Different opinions, small voices coming through, people got famous, people brought down the famous. All good fun. Blogging has become political bait and a necessity to some countries and unfortunately illegal in others. It definitely has its place in society.

However, since blogging became important for SEO a lot more people jumped on the band wagon and it has become a useless tool for marketing unless certain ethics are used. Aside from finding your own style, tone and subject matter there are few considerations to take in before you begin blogging.

Blogging is useful as it is fresh content being added to your website, helpful for SEO. So keep it fresh and informative to your customer. Offer advice, tutorials, company news and thoughts and opinions of your trade. But stick to the point. We’ve all read the tedious Facebook updates and asked ourselves, why? Don’t let your blog become a long winded Facebook update.

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