Top 3 Reasons to Use Blogs

Blogs are one of the cheapest marketing tools available. You’d be surprised to find out how easy they are to create. There are several reasons why you should start using blogs. Here are three top reasons.

1. Blogs will boost your business. It is a technique that will help bring credibility to your business. As soon as you begin posting blogs on news, suggested links or valuable information, your audience will think of you as a business that is investing in the community.

You’ll also find it useful to use your blog to drive traffic to your site while creating a list of interested prospects Sherry dyson . Any one of these tips is a dependable marketing tool.

2. Blogs will increase traffic. There are numerous ways to increase traffic to your site with blogs. One option is through the blog provider. Usually, the provider will allow the reader to search the blogs with a word or phrase. Include that phrase in your blog or title and it will attract visitors who are interested.

Search engines are also a good method. All you need to do is ‘ping’ your blog, which means that you are announcing your update. This will make it possible for the search engines to pick it up. To get a high ranking, include commonly searched words in your blog. Another good feature is that you can use a link that will take readers to your website through the phrase, which will bring a traffic increase to your sales page.

Another way to increase traffic is through the addition of an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature to your blog. This provides a way for other websites to run the content from your blog. Each time a post is made, the sites featuring your RSS will be automatically updated. Sites that have topics associated with yours will also benefit from this due to the new content.

3. Blogging benefits customers. Postings are typically less formal than a sales page, which make them more interesting to read. Also, blogs contain information that is of value to readers, based on the content related to your industry. Such knowledgeable information will help to build an interest in your product as well as label you an expert. Another benefit is the positive relationship that is likely to be established with your prospects.

Take a look at what services like can do for you. Bloglet lets you offer subscriptions to your blog, who will be notified of recent postings in their inbox. Your prospects will begin to think of you first when it comes to needing the product or service you provide, because of the regular postings of valuable information.
Most blog providers offer the reader the option to post comments, which creates immediate feedback or questions. These responses are likely to bring your attention to the needs and wants of your market.

One of the most effective ways to promote your business is with a work at home blog. What’s a blog? The term “blog” is short for “web log” and it’s an online journal powered by weblog software. Here you can publish online content such as comments, news, articles, or even pictures. You can have as many blogs as you want and they’re very easy to use. It’s like having your own website, and best of all, they’re FREE!

The easiest way for you to create a blog is through Google. Go to and setup your account. Their site has a video that shows you the easy steps to sign up and how to create your blogs. This would be a great way to give you a legitimate, simple home business start.

These are a couple examples of home blogs. Select one, and create your own blog based on your business theme.

Home Based Business Blog Using Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular legitimate home business opportunities. When you have your blog ready, you can use affiliate marketing to make money. It’s a system whereby a company pays you a commission when someone buys a product or service after clicking on a link from your blog. ClickBank and Commission Junction are two large companies with listings of thousands of companies. These companies have affiliate programs and give you commissions (some up to 70%) for promoting their products or services. You can write an article and/or testimonials on your blog describing the benefits of the product or service you selected. For more information on this topic read An Affiliate Home Business and Its Great Income Potential.

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