Blogging for Busy Small Business Owners Made Easy

The internet is just waiting to deliver customers to your website. But how will those interested in your product or service ever find it? Blogging is the single most effective way to drive traffic to your website. Informed readers will be more inclined to find you an authority on the subject they are searching for. This will lead to sales. I will share my methods and suggest a few ideas for what to blog about.

Here’s good news if you’re a small business owner: social media has helped to level the playing field Sherry Dyson . In the past, smaller companies couldn’t compete with the advertising behemoths in reaching customers and prospects.

Now you can by going directly to your target audience with a blog as the centerpiece of your social media strategy. Think of your blog as your home base. It’s important to get runners on first, second and third base but they need to cross home plate for you to win.

From your home base, you can feed important information directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites where your customers are forming communities. Post an article, and it is immediately “pinged” to sites of your choice with a link back to your blog – think runners crossing home plate when visitors come to your site. Specifically, you should have a blog because:

1. A blog is a content management system, giving you tremendous flexibility. You can create the content, insert and delete copy, add videos, images and podcasts that promote your company and your products and services.

2. Search engines like Google reward dynamic sites – that is, they want to see fresh content on a consistent basis. Then, search engines will send more people to your home base. Static websites just don’t cut it anymore. The site you’re on now is a WordPress blog, designed to contain all the information found in a traditional website.

3. A 140-character tweet has its place. But your customers want to know there is a full-service company behind the tweet. A blog can contain all the information you had on your old website, but you can easily make changes and update the information to respond to changing market needs.

As we are talking about what to write in order to make a popular blog? it is very important to follow the trends for making your post visible to many people around. People always want to be updated when they use internet and you them to see what you write so it is better to follow the trend, that what’s going in the world right now? The best way to get updated is following Google trends. Just type Google trends and follow the first link you see on top of the searched result page. I will give you the link also in the end of this article.

It completely depends on your niche. Suppose if you have a blog about technology and gadgets. The first thing you should do to bring more traffic to your blog is following the Google trends about latest news and gadgets that make their mark in the recent days. One thing that is also very important is that you should write in a manner that you are comparing two or more things at a time, by this way you make the article interesting as well as interactive. Asking question that are related to your articles are also very important.

Popular bloggers tend to derive the traffic by asking question in the end of their every post. By this way you make your blog look more interesting as well as interactive. So the person you are focusing on, remains on your blog for more time and your blog noticed. So for a good SEO you need to follow trends related to your blog post.

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