Degrees in English – Etymology and Different Degrees

The subject of education has many definitions but the common denominator for all of them is the degree. A degree, denoted as °, is the measurement of a unit angle làm bằng cao đẳng where one complete rotation around the axis of rotation is completed. This completes a circle and is called a circle’s circumference. A degree is normally given in the context of academics, and it indicates that one has completed a course of study at university or college level. It indicates a completion of an educational program.

The words ‘degree’ and ‘degrees’ are derived from the Greek words keratoi (σ) and eikon (γ) meaning “one degree”. In English, one can say that a degree is the equivalent of a diploma. There are a number of degrees in the academic world, the most common ones being the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.B), Bachelor of Science (B.S. or B.Sc.) and Doctor of Education (D.E.) Both of these are also referred to as either a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) or a Bachelor of Business (B.B. ).

Degrees in education have etymology that traces back to the Greek word eclepikos which means “one learning”. The verb of this word is “eka” which literally means “teach”. The origin of the word may be related to the verb “ekyperikos” which means “to teach through teaching”. This would make sense when considering the fact that there are a number of different ways to teach students.

In addition to the degree system there are other systems of education used. For example, there are the Diploma, Certificate, Joint Degree and the Postgraduate Diploma. An example of this would be the PhD which stands for a Ph.D or a PhD. There is also the Grads, which is an acronym for the Graduate Students’ Degree. A number of universities and colleges use this system, for example, the University of Cambridge, University of London, Durham University, Queen’s University of Belfast and the University of Taunton.

One of the most common bachelor degrees that etymology traces back to is the Bachelor of Arts (BA). This degree was actually the first major degree awarded by the University of Cambridge in England. There is some speculation as to why this degree was changed into a bachelors degree as it is spelt in the etymology as a four-year bachelors degree while the original is a bachelors of arts.

Many universities have several different degrees that they offer. Some of these are the Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Health Sciences (BH), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and the Master of Education (EdD). The degree that is earned from a University will differ from institution to institution as well as the needs of the individual student. There are some degrees that cannot be changed to bachelors or masters due to regulations regarding academic fraud. For example, engineering degrees require that students have already taken some science courses and should also have completed a course on teaching as well as some teaching.

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