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Poker download is something that is happening repeatedly over and over again from some new comer or an already existing poker member of any poker community or poker site. Poker download is made by first time players because, the site in which they enroll will facilitate them to playing only if the player makes the poker download or in some cases the old players might have had a poker download already and they would have got those files erased due to some recent virus attack or they are making a poker download of yet another new poker room. Whatever be the reason poker download is increasingly becoming one of the very common happening among the members of the poker community.

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The new face to poker download is the software that can be installed in the mobile phone and they can be played from the mobile phone via a GPRS or a blackberry! The availability of poker download that can be played in the mobile phone has revolutionized the poker boom to a unique degree indodewaQQ . Players can play poker while they are traveling in a bus, while they are waiting for a coffee in the pub or while they are having free times in the office or in cases where they are in the bathroom! With poker downloads being available for mobile phones bathrooms are becoming casinos for many!

The other side of the poker download being available so widely is causing low productivity in office where players are distracted with a compulsive gambling behavior to play poker skipping their work. There have been reported cases of poker addiction due to the ease with which poker download for mobiles has nanotechnologized the online casinos. Do not think that such addiction is to play free games, truly thousand dollar money games can be played in the mobile phone! Technology has made it possible. Players can pay money through their mobiles and cash out their pays to their accounts from the mobile. The merging of internet to mobile phones has caused and made all this possible.

Well, there is no way by which you can prevent the boom of technology or the boom of poker games going everywhere, but you can help keep poker as a safe game by following responsible gambling ideas. And if you see that any of your friends are slowly turning addicts you can slightly coax them to counseling. Gambling counseling will not brain wash you from not playing poker at all, rather they will teach you the right limits of gambling.

This is certainly not for people who do not wish to whet their appetite with risks. As the saying goes, “No pain, No gain!” you would find people who get a touch risky often end up making millions in no time. Assuming you are a risk-loving person, it is time you know of some ways by which you could make money real fast.

o Play Texas Holdem in either an online casino or a casino playroom – Spend couple of weeks before to understand the rules of this game. This is one of the easiest poker games, which you could play without much difficulty. When you start, do not bet anything more than $500. Once you start winning some deals, you could hike your stakes. The earning potential here is 10 times your investment.

o Betting on horses – Betting on horses is quite legal, and horse racing often has had a history of making millionaires of nothings! This is a pure lottery, and if luck favors you, you could be one of the lucky ones who get to be a millionaire overnight. Be sure to bet on recognized betting sites. Assume you have bet $1000 on a horse that has a stack of 1:25, which means effectively the horse has no chances of winning at all. But there have been occasions when such horses have won races. If it is your day, you could get $25,000 on your investment of $1000!

The mentioned ways above are high risk methods, where you could lose your money. But it is a fair deal alright because the amount of money you earn far outweighs the money you lose.

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