How Cults and Mystery Religions Are Leading Many Astray

The word religion is also referred to as a “faith” or “belief system”. Religion is an organized set of moral and ethical beliefs and laws, established by an institution. The practices of religions and related organizations may include art, community activities, charitable events, concerts, feast days, dances, festivals, funerals, initiations, marriages, meditation, membership activities and parties, music, sacrifices, studies, dances, among other activities. Some religious organizations appear more like a social club than a faith.

Some organizations refer to themselves as a “religion” to conceal a more sinister agenda, such as participating in the occult, divination, witchcraft, conjuring up spirits and related practices.

So let’s try to untangle some of the truth, out of a myriad of religions, faiths, cults and belief systems full of half-truths if not wholesale deception, that have infiltrated the mind and soul of humanity since the very dawn of this age. Keep an open mind, and let’s begin.

Why are there so many Religious Organizations?

It is estimated that there are over 4,000 religions in the world. Why so many? Man has always yearned to worship someone or something. It is impossible for the spirit in man to persist in a vacuum. Absent of a relationship with God, the emptiness will immediately be filled with another spirit, or other worldly things such as entertainment, hobbies, work, drugs, games, and yes – a host of many other religions, idols, and gods that can feed mans spirit and or ego.

The spirit in man is a conduit to the supernatural realm, as designed by our creator. It will be filled either with immoral or divine code; either by choice or default.

The soul of man is a supernatural force. God reveals that he has set eternity in our soul (Ecclesiastes 3:11). As a result, there is a vacuum within our soul that only God can fully satisfy. Notwithstanding, when a spiritual vacuum exists, that person fills it by pursuing or worshiping either God or something else.

Mankind in general has inherited a proud and rebellious spirit (from the prince of darkness). This is why mankind has fabricated an untold number of religions, idols, and gods to fill a spiritual void. When people reject the true God, they begin to worship other idols, and objects.

Secular Humanism and the New Age Movement

This proud and rebellious spirit in man has led to secular humanism. A secular humanist turns to himself (to man) as the sole source, and rejects all religious dogma. The New Age Movement is a reaction to this atheistic view, but it is no closer to the truth than secular humanism is. The New Age Movement puts emphasis on our mind as the solution to all of our woes. So they reason that there is no need to worship a sovereign God, since we are all god. It is not just the New Agers who embrace this philosophy, but many other religions and cults follow the same philosophy.

The Forces of Darkness and its influence on religion

As the age of man grinds to a close, the forces of darkness have already succeeded in influencing and possessing a large number of mankind and the institutions which do not believe in the bible as the word of the sovereign God.

The prince of darkness (Satan) has done a masterful job in deceiving many into thinking that to be a saved Christian is to be shunned, avoided and is a sign of weakness. Today, many people, and nations shun and or censure the name of Christ.

Satan has perverted just about everything that God originally made for the good of mankind. He is the master of confusion, deception and lies. His spirit of evil and hate has infiltrated governments, nations, the media, churches, and the human soul. The adversary does not take light his quest to influence the eternal destiny of every living soul; yet most of humanity doubts that the devil even exists. He has succeeded in deluding many into thinking that he and the dark forces of the underworld led grow light manufacturer china are just mythical characters that impose no risk to the spiritual integrity of mankind.

Satan (the Devil) with the assistance of his myriad of principalities has been successful in deceiving many with his half truths. He is the one that has influenced mankind to create many false gods, idols, religions and doctrines, all designed to confuse the masses.

Indeed, mankind has created a multitude of religious choices and alternative unconventional philosophies. However, as we will see, many of these belief systems are diametrically opposed to or are derivatives of the ancient scriptures – the Torah and the Old and New Testament Bible. Many religions and myths seem to contain scriptural roots and or similarities to the fundamental principles contained in the Bible. How interesting!

Let’s review just a few of the gods and idols associated with ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology and worship.

The Genesis of Mythology

Many mythological gods have evolved from the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology as well as Far Eastern cults has sprung a myriad of cults and religions including the modern versions such as the New Age Movement.

Among the many ancient gods we have: Adonis, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Diana, Europa, Persephone, Smyrna, and Zeus, just to name a few.

In actuality these mythological figures do not make for nice fairytale stories. Many have evil and demonic connotations. For example, Astaroth (also referred to as Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is a Crowned Prince of Hell.

The writings of the Old Testament (bible) predate Greek and Roman mythology. From the book of Exodus we learn that the Hebrew were slaves in Egypt way before that Greeks came to power. Many years after the Exodus, the Greeks would invade Egypt and adopt many of their customs and gods, including the Egyptian demigod “Hercules”.

So as we read about the similarities between some mythological stories and their gods, and the original biblical accounts, remember that the ancient scriptures of the Old Testament bible predates Greek and Roman mythology by a couple thousand yea

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