How Do I Market Myself With Blogging?

In a recent staff meeting, my colleagues and I were discussing the significant lack of consistent blogging amongst bloggers in general. I’ve had some problems with this myself. As part of my job I blog so whether or not I run into a mental block I simply must do it. However, I feel the pain of f95zones bloggers everywhere who feel unmotivated, frustrated or at a loss for words to describe what they have going on in their minds.

Much like a daily workout routine, blogging can sometimes seem like a major inconvenience every day but it simply must be done and we usually feel much better once this has been accomplished. I have found a few helpful practices when I am feeling less than inclined to write a blog:

* Schedule the same time to blog every day. Sometimes this just isn’t possible because life comes up but I find that if I have the goal of blogging every day at 9am I usually do what I need to before that time in order to prepare myself for writing a fantastic blog.

* Write out of inspiration. Even it it’s outside of your scheduled blog writing time or even in the middle of the night, if you find some sort of inspiration to write a blog about, even a rough draft must be written. Don’t lose the inspiration. Write at least the basic thought down and keep going with it later when you have the time and coherence to complete the blog.

* Read the news. When I’m feeling like I have nothing to write about I find that reading industry news is very beneficial for sparking a thought for a new blog. I may even find something I’ve been wanting to write about for quite some time and haven’t found the right approach for it. I also like to comment on industry news sites which are usually in blog format. So I’m killing to birds with one stone: getting a great blog idea while also being social with others in my industry.

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